Martin Rinkhart’s Hymns, 1636

Those who sow with tears    will reap with songs of joy.Those who go out weeping,    carrying seed to sow,will return with songs of joy,    carrying sheaves with them.– Psalm 126:5-6 Martin Rinkart was born in Saxony in the Holy Roman Empire on April 23, 1586. His father was a cooper, a relatively prosperous tradesman who sent his son toContinue reading “Martin Rinkhart’s Hymns, 1636”

The Yellow Plague of 664

“In this year, the sun was eclipsed on the 5th before the Nones of May [that is, May 1]…the same year, there was great pestilence in the island Britain.” – The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, 664 “A great mortality in Ireland came on the kalends of August [August 1]” – The Annals of Tignerach, 664 The yearContinue reading “The Yellow Plague of 664”

The Plague of Cyprian, 249-262

Around the year 249 CE, a pandemic broke out Africa that rapidly spread from Ethiopia to the Roman Empire. It reached Rome around 251, followed by Greece, before spreading east to Syria. The disease ebbed and flowed for the next twenty years; at its worst, the pandemic claimed as many as 5,000 people *per day*Continue reading “The Plague of Cyprian, 249-262”